My name is Quentin Lengelé, I’m a Software Engineer based in Belgium.

Since 2000, I worked in several agencies on different domains and platforms like web, mobile, desktop and real-time CGI. I learnt some techniques and languages and I worked on different aspects of computer programming and authoring:

Concept design, 3D modeling & texturing, web/mobile/corporate games & apps, digital signage network, Kinect experiences, digital event activities, webserver setup, projection mapping, interactive walls and floors, multi-touch apps, augmented reality apps, virtual reality experiences, …

During these years, programming and learning new things really became an addiction and a good way to express myself. One thing for sure: If you come and talk to me about Particles, GPU and CG technologies, we could be more than simple friends.

My loves, after my 2 daughters and my dear wife, are Maths, Physics, Classical Antiquity, Space & Astrophysics, Archeology, Saxophone, Piano, American Old Timers, Snowboarding, Computer Games…

Most of my professional projects are under legal conditions and cannot be shown online but you can have a look at my personal works right below or directly through my Blog.


This is by far my favourite real-time 3D engine. I use it as soon as I can in many projects and research, especially GPU computing and other kinds of jobs and experimental works.


OpenGL, DirectX, OpenNI, OpenCV, Kinect SDK, FBX SDK, Cinder, Glut, Allegro, ASL, Qt,  … digging into C/C++ programming is always fun and offers much more control and power.


Mesh modeling, animations, UV mapping, texturing, … I play with 3D Studio Max since version 1.0 on Windows 95. I use this software in a real-time 3D purpose essentially.


Web Designer/Web Master was my first digital job. I enjoy to create fresh GUI Design. I made lots of conceptual & analytic wireframes during my career and I worked with talented designers for many years.


Javascript, NodeJS and especially WebGL are my tools for interactive online content. PhP & MySQL are still my favorites to develop back-end solutions but I did a lot of Java and ColdFusion in the past.


ActionScript 3.0 is a wonderful language. It still gives a lot of efficiency, especially for offline interactive projects. But shuu… don’t tell this loudly, it is supposedly dead.


© Quentin Lengele 2017

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