Point Cloud Sandbox


As you may noticed, I worked on Point Cloud Sandbox these last weeks to add an export feature, as requested by some CGI fellows.

QPoint Cloud Sandbox

Newtonian Sandbox

UPDATE 05-05-2014

I’m still working on gravity, adjusting some velocities, masses, distances and timescale to get realistic behaviors.

QNewtonian Sandbox

Fluids through Marching Cube

Lots of metaballs can be heavy for a CPU process. I absolutely wanted to implement a compute shader approach of it … to see what are the possibilities in Unity to get a real-time fluid effect.

QFluids through Marching Cube

Wet Glass Shader

I planned to develop this some weeks ago and after a deep learning of every aspect of Unity blend modes and multi-passes, I finally did something regarding this water effect.

QWet Glass Shader