B.R.U.T.A.L is a short story with old-timers, concrete and mysterious desert undergrounds.


Point Cloud Sandbox


As you may noticed, I worked on Point Cloud Sandbox these last weeks to add an export feature, as requested by some CGI fellows.

QPoint Cloud Sandbox

Newtonian Sandbox

UPDATE 05-05-2014

I’m still working on gravity, adjusting some velocities, masses, distances and timescale to get realistic behaviors.

QNewtonian Sandbox

MobileKit for iOS & Android

Taking a picture from your camera to apply on a Material or sharing your best score with a screenshot of your game are certainly common features many developers want to handle quickly and easily.

QMobileKit for iOS & Android

Away3D to ThreeJS

I finally found some time to port one of my full SWF 3D website made in 2011 into new web standards.

QAway3D to ThreeJS

Fluids through Marching Cube

Lots of metaballs can be heavy for a CPU process. I absolutely wanted to implement a compute shader approach of it … to see what are the possibilities in Unity to get a real-time fluid effect.

QFluids through Marching Cube

Wet Glass Shader

I planned to develop this some weeks ago and after a deep learning of every aspect of Unity blend modes and multi-passes, I finally did something regarding this water effect.

QWet Glass Shader

Kinect in Unity with OpenNI in 4 Steps

After installing many different stuff to get it working, I can now explain the steps in a much more short way than all the blog posts I found on the subject.

QKinect in Unity with OpenNI in 4 Steps

WorldBuilder, AS3 Scriptable Editor


I received a lot of interesting messages from very interested people but as Unity is now exporting Flash Stage3D content, I had to stop development on my own 3D editor :/

QWorldBuilder, AS3 Scriptable Editor

360° Video with Flash

Between 2 projects at Emakina, I quickly built a 360° video mapping with Flash using a geosphere generated from 3DS Max and loaded with PV3D AS3 library.

Q360° Video with Flash