Blade Runner 9732

A dedicated page is now available at BR9732.QUENTINLENGELE.COM

UPDATE 10-11-2014

This preview shows a few environment interactions and a beta lightmapped scene. The framerate is now around 250 fps (w/o frapsing), 400 drawcalls with only 2 dynamic lights but still, it has to be optimized for Oculus Rift to offer a perfectly smooth experience.

Next steps:

  • The furniture is not completed yet. Some objects are still missing, especially in the bedroom and the corridor.
  • Lighting intensity/bouncing and Lightmap resolution could be better at some places.
  • DOF implementation is coming.
  • More/better ambient sounds are coming.
  • Fix z-sorting on smoke shader.
  • General Performance Optimization.


UPDATE 31-10-2014

The next video will be in late cause we are porting all the project to Unity 5 for Lightmap Baking and Global Illumination settings adjustment. At this moment, the scene is only using dynamic lighting and run at 50fps in 1080p on a GeForce GTX 590. This is clearly too low performances to implement Oculus SDK.

Therefore, here are some screen comparison shots of the current scene:



Blade Runner 9732 is a pure movie fan madness.

Enjoying the view from the terrace with a black label?
Wandering around the Deckard’s apartment?
Take a walk inside Blade Runner?

This personal project was born from an anecdotal heightmap test on the “so known” wall tiles of the place but It quickly turns into a modeling hobby to reproduce all the assets of the apartment and a view on Los Angeles streets in 2019, directly inspired from the movie shots.
At the same time, it was a good opportunity to improve my modeling skills which I let go 15 years ago.

This unique environment is a real challenge, especially to reproduce the lighting effects and the city view.
Unity 5 new light baking system (Enlighten) is a good help to achieve these goals.
This project is entirely made for fun during my free time.

Thanks for watching.



I have to mention a great forum where I found many interesting stuff:
These guys are still searching for real-life assets of the movie in 2014, I was really impressed.

I also have to mention friends: Cedric Delcourt for some assets modeling and his knowledge of 3DS Max and Thomas Marcotte for Rachelle character modeling.



QBlade Runner 9732


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  • Avatar

    transceiverfreq - September 30, 2014 reply

    Recommend for accurate props and furniture along with correct placement of objects in the scene.

  • Avatar

    ben - September 30, 2014 reply

    as the originator of the thread on propsummit regarding the apartment floorplans… this is amazing!!!

  • Avatar

    lucyferror - October 2, 2014 reply

    Oh my god I love it. Please please send it to me or upload it somewhere.

  • Avatar

    Gygax - November 11, 2014 reply

    superb. absolutely literally superb work. i hope you share it soon


  • Avatar

    paul - November 11, 2014 reply

    OMG!!! So good…….you’re a legend….keep going if you can…maybe Oculus??

  • Avatar

    Mark Hevingham - November 13, 2014 reply

    Hello. This is amazing. Would there be any chance that I could use the exterior of Deckard’s apartment (where he looks over the city draped in a towel) in my Fan Film Blade Dumber? see the link in my website. I would credit you and also send you a copy of the movie on blu ray. Thanks

  • Avatar

    Joe Atiles - December 29, 2014 reply

    Any way we can download this?


    Quentin Lengelé - January 1, 2015 reply

    As soon as I implement oculus… I hope very soon, depends on my job planning.


    Jason - May 5, 2016 reply

    Have you made it available yet? I am dying to try this on the Vive. If you make the unity project available I can add steamvr myself if you do not have time. 🙂


    Q - May 5, 2016 reply

    I’m still not happy with some details in the room. Maybe I’ll release something during my next holiday during summer.
    Thanks for your proposal 🙂

  • Avatar

    Joe Atiles - January 14, 2015 reply

    I amazed every time I watched your video of this great VR experience.

    I say: You’re the Ridley Scott of VR!

  • Avatar

    Michael - March 21, 2015 reply

    This is absolutely amazing! Fantastic. Would love to see more.

  • Avatar

    VRmatt - March 22, 2015 reply

    It’s gone quiet so I hope you’re still finding time to work on this project as it looks really fantastic! Is there any way to donate? I know would love an update. 🙂

  • Avatar

    Zidders Roofurry - March 29, 2015 reply

    This is fantastic.

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  • Avatar

    jeff - November 20, 2015 reply

    can u send me a link of the demo alpha or beta to see in my oculus rift i love people because Jesus loves me

  • Avatar

    Daniel - January 1, 2016 reply

    Amazing, impressive work!

  • Avatar

    Alice - February 22, 2016 reply

    Can I download the 3d model? I’m a fan!!


    Quentin Lengelé - February 22, 2016 reply

    Not for sale, sorry

  • Avatar

    Deeks - August 31, 2016 reply

    Great work. Have you thought about porting this to Steam Destinations so that it can be accessed in VR?

  • Avatar

    Patrick Murphy - January 8, 2018 reply

    How did you deal with licensing or getting permission to use the IP of Blade Runner to create this product?


    Q - January 23, 2018 reply

    Please see “copyrights” paragraph on this page:

  • Avatar

    Hristo - July 2, 2019 reply

    It doesn’t work with Oculus Rift anymore…. I played it and cried in Deckard’s apartment 6 months ago, now – black screen. Nothing is happening…

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