360° Video with Flash

Between 2 projects at Emakina, I quickly built a 360° video mapping with Flash using a geosphere generated from 3DS Max and loaded with PV3D AS3 library.

If you want play your own video, it is quite simple. But you’ll need a very special camera (Dodeca® camera) to capture your scene. Plus, capturing videos with that type of device gives fish-eye distorted result, just like the shot in the header of this article. Here is the lenses:

When I saw this distorted picture, I quickly though about drawing a BitmapData of that clip into a texture, create a geosphere in 3DSMAX with flipped normals, export this sphere in Collada format and load the collada file into a Flash scene with Papervision3D library. Have a look.

Click and move your mouse over the movie below:

This movie requires Flash Player

About videos

The videos I use come from ImmersiveMedia.com.
This kind of 360° video player was already made by ImmersiveMedia but only for the Shockwave plugin.
I think I have a good approach here with the Flash Player plugin.


Here you can test the same technique but with static images, such as cubic or spheric skyboxes.

This movie requires Flash Player


You can take a look at the source files by clicking here.


The source files are updated with Away3D library in place of PV3D.

Q360° Video with Flash


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    Fuad Khan - March 25, 2008 reply

    Hello Quentin,

    Your comment about ‘shockwave only’ is not accurate. We released a player implemented Flash earlier this year, which you can see on our website:


    …and on some of our clients’ sites as well:


    At the very least, this is confirmation that you did, in fact, have a very good approach 😉

    Since you clearly share our enthusiasm for both spherical video and Flash technologies, and because this is in your R+D corner, I will overlook the fact that you are using our content without permission.

    Please feel free to ask in the future, though.

    Best Regards,

    Fuad Khan
    Engineering Manager
    Immersive Media Company

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    Quentin Lengelé - March 26, 2008 reply

    Hi Fuad,

    Sorry to say I received a mail from Eric Weymueller (Director, studios & network / executive producer) from Immersive Media 3 months ago to ask me to put some proper credit for the usage of your 360 flv files… And I did it.

    There is what he said to me :

    “Quentin –

    We were recently made aware of your blog and posting at: http://adn.blam.be/papervision/ where you appear to have appropriated our video content in order to run some tests on delivering Flash/Spherical.

    As you’ll see in the coming days, we are about to migrate our Flash/Cylindrical to Flash/Spherical, with a few other bells and whistles attached.

    Obviously, we would appreciate if you could include proper Credit and Linkage back to us ….
    Our first public usage and updates to our site will start taking place in about 24-hours.

    So, I’m still saying I was the first to publish it in Flash :p
    I’m not ripping or reselling your stuff… Otherwise I think I made a good advertising for you.
    I received a lot of questions about this R&D and I’m not fool to say I made the video myself…so all the benefits came to you.


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    Fuad Khan - March 26, 2008 reply


    Before you get too excited, I was merely pointing out an error on your posting, applauding your efforts and inviting you start a dialog with me.
    I am a huge proponent of R+D (I have built a career upon it) and I encourage all developers — professional, hobbyist, and otherwise — to take an interest in what we are doing and to push the limits on this amazing technology.

    My chief concern is that our applications (and applications that use our content) present Immersive content in the best possible light. You can see that the features in our Flash player aim to do this — for example, displaying high-resolution images when the player is paused and providing an automatic link for sharing:

    Like I said, I admire your enthusiasm and I hope you continue to pay close attention to Immersive Media. Feel free to check in with me from time to time, and visit our website…


    …regularly to keep abreast of developments. You may even want to check out our careers page:


    Best regards,

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    sikanrong - March 30, 2008 reply

    yeah man, you wrote papervision 3d in the title, come ON!

  • Avatar

    totallycrap - March 30, 2008 reply

    Awesome! Looking forward to more 360°-stuff from both of you ( immersivemedia and Quentin ;-)).

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    Bleh - March 31, 2008 reply

    This conversation doesn’t sound very professional O_O

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    tee - April 3, 2008 reply

    This is great ! Is there any way to post .fla as well ?

  • Avatar

    Quentin Lengelé - April 4, 2008 reply

    The source code is not for Flash CS3 but made with Flex Builder (ActionScript Project)

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    Matt - April 4, 2008 reply


    We’ll soon be sitting in domes at home and watching standard TV broadcasts like this from a swivel chair.

  • Avatar

    tee - April 4, 2008 reply

    I got FLEX, downloaded Papervision3d classes, when I compile I get Error: No class registered for interface ‘mx.resources::IResourceManager’.

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    txalin - April 7, 2008 reply


    Wirst use i will do it with it: Put the cameras in a ball and throw it with a cannon 😀

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    Chris Hester - April 8, 2008 reply

    It’s incredible! I was able to turn my head, sorry I mean the camera angle, and look at things as if I was there!

    This will be a major benefit to security. Also I imagine the military will be very interested in using this tech!

    Now imagine several of these cameras in one place. You could flick between the feeds and be able to see all around the scene.

    I just had to add a link to this page on my website. I’ll try and spread the word on other sites where I can too. Very impressive!

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    Dario - April 10, 2008 reply

    Combine this with Hollywood and VR glasses and you have a whole new level of movie watching!

  • Avatar

    Vincent Robleto - April 14, 2008 reply

    Look, good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living? That’s something else.

  • Avatar

    Mustaaf - April 16, 2008 reply

    Hi There

    Im looking for the camera, any idea where one can get it from


    btw great concept

  • Avatar

    AndyChou - April 17, 2008 reply

    Need 3 Flex engineers in New York City:
    1. You have to be living in New York City for now.
    2. Work part time or full time with us.
    3. Good at Adobe Flex technology.
    4. Please contact us for other requirement and details.

    Busycode Inc. is a top Adobe Flex shop who develops Flex/AIR applications for clients.
    For more info, please visit http://www.busycode.com

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    Misenensis - May 2, 2008 reply

    Great! Though, the performance is a bit low. Is that because the 3d model being a bit complicated for flash?

    These technologies are looking very proposing though.

  • Avatar

    Misenensis - May 2, 2008 reply

    Though, 1 small question. Is it possible you can publish your .max file?

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    Pedro R. Lopez - May 8, 2008 reply

    Slow what you mean slow , it might be your bandwich. I see car with 3D cameras around miami beach.

  • Avatar

    infoon - May 9, 2008 reply

    This is awesome. Can anyone help me try to put some of these videos on my site or send me links to sources of what I need to do it in Flash? Thanks

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    Sicminded - May 10, 2008 reply

    fuad off!

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    Legal adviser - May 25, 2008 reply

    Hi there!

    No matter how great is the technology involved in this argue, there is simply a legal concern.
    It is normal that one should clearly point out the sources (=creator) of the content/code/technology if he uses it. That’s just a legal issue and it perfectly normal and desirable.
    Discussion over.

    (But I repeat I love the technology 😉

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    wirlarra - May 26, 2008 reply

    Gr8 site thnx for the information and insite in2 flex stuff.

    Quentin, don’t get discouraged by the possessive mob at immesive…….they are followers not leaders mate.

    : ) wir

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    Winsa - May 27, 2008 reply


    How to integrate video on a blog ?

  • Avatar

    tom - May 29, 2008 reply

    Hi, this is a great example of 360 video in Flash! 🙂
    I wanted to have a go with a different video so I downloaded your source. I’m using Flex SDK at the moment, when I compile the MXML files I get the interface with drop down but no video showing. Not sure what I’m missing. Also with your 360 Cubic VR still example source I get an empty SWF after compiling. I would really appreciate any tips you can offer, thanks!

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    seth - May 31, 2008 reply

    I don’t understand why Q is so insulted by Fuad’s generous and supportive interest in this project. Nice work, but chill out, Q. Why would you not want friends at immersive media??? Way to make friends and influence people.

  • Avatar

    Rich - June 5, 2008 reply

    I agree, I think Q overreacted. I thought Immersive Media’s response was legitimate, fair, and supportive, especially as Q used their stuff without permission or crediting them initially. I think it’s petty to fight over who-did-what-first things, it makes no difference to anyone.

    Still, great work from both you guys!

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    GlobalVision video 360° - June 6, 2008 reply

    This Flex application seems a great way to display 360° videos. However I’m wondering what about the sound as this question has not been adressed yet?

    Also to say, if you want to have a look at our latest 360° immersive video, captured at the Cannes Film Festival, I suggest you visit:

  • Avatar

    Ryubin - June 9, 2008 reply

    Hi all,

    I’ve already done this more than a year ago.

    I know IMC is a great company, anyhow.

  • Avatar

    Social Advice - June 9, 2008 reply

    Geeze “I will overlook”, give me a break. He’s advertising your product, be excited about that, don’t concentrate on your IP. He’s promoting your product and panoramas in general!

    This totally makes your company look like overbearing irreverent fools, that are more interested in making a buck than being excited about technology and getting others excited in it too. Before you know it with that attitude towards your customers, people will start saying “Immersive Media Sucks”.

  • Avatar

    Matthew - June 15, 2008 reply


    Can anyone tell me where to purchase the camera.

    I’ve searched 360 degree cameras on google with no luck.


  • Avatar

    anonymyymymym - June 16, 2008 reply

    The discovery channel might be interested!

  • Avatar

    Ouch - June 20, 2008 reply

    Well, those at Immersive Media should by now have learned that making private matters public concern is not professional conduct. The credit was given, let bygones be bygones.

  • Avatar

    mike darnell - July 3, 2008 reply

    Just bumped into this after stumbling along a string of posts from the “Digital Art” blog news feed I’m fiddling with on site.

    I was really impressed by your movie. I wonder what happens when you drive around a block a few times and loop the whole thing.

    Or you could do this on a roller coaster…

    All the best.

    If you have Digital Artists to recommend to the index i’m building please contact me via my site.

    the index is here:

  • Avatar

    Fernando - July 15, 2008 reply

    Thx, and 1 question. How much that camera?

  • Avatar

    Ricardo - July 16, 2008 reply

    Hello if we have a 360 degree camera can we use the software publish here to have 360 videos on our site?

    is it legal?

  • Avatar

    Luc Van Esch - July 19, 2008 reply

    Where to buy 360 video camera’s or other hardware?

  • Avatar

    kiss'm - July 29, 2008 reply

    – well done, Very great job Quentin ;o)
    I think 360° Video is a major revolution in the multimedia since the birth of photographic

    QTVR, soon 15 years ago ! Wahouu long time !
    – Quentin, When the creation of sensitive “hot spot” dynamic in the 360° video ?

    To answer some questions raised, some informations about Hardwares (and softwares) for 360°


    -Professional multimedia Works

    360° camera + software
    Price : 9999 $ / 6400 €
    (I think five times cheaper than ImmersiveMedia for the same result … or almost, the fov is

    little bit different)

    -Personal multimedia Works
    360°Spherical Panoramic Camera Lens (very Ingenious !!!)
    Price : 449 $ / 290 €
    Visualizing soft SP_VIDEO
    price 25 $ / 16 €
    editing soft (convert doughnut format 360° video to rectangular format 360° video)
    price free !

    -security or why not multimedia !
    panomorph optical lens
    price ??
    WebCube, 360 Webcam
    end 2008, price ??

    -360 video examples (DivX codec)

  • Avatar

    xDRoNe - August 6, 2008 reply

    Hi all
    Interesting enough to read about little quarrels and yet we forgot how flash became an adobeee product. ha ha. Anywhooo, this high graphics GUI is all software computer graphics, nothing happening in the hardware parts of your machines. Hope one day someone develops a flash equivalent ocx that uses OpenGL. Only then the graphics are worth while.
    Meanwhile, you all enjoy your 2D scribbles.

  • Avatar

    David - August 14, 2008 reply


    cool stuff indeed. I noticed that the frame rate seemed to take a noticeable hit when audio was present. Do you have any info on the impact the different audio compression rates have on playback?

  • Avatar

    ChinaMojo - August 29, 2008 reply

    Kudos to Quentin for the great cool work. Seems like some people are using his blog for advertising? Geez people… come ON!

  • Avatar

    Stefan - September 8, 2008 reply

    Hi there Quentin,

    I tried to contact you trough Linked-in but i needed an upgrade to mail you~. So i post my question here.

    We are interested in your your flashplayer for the same videotechnique. Could you contact me?

    With regards,


  • Avatar

    syckls - September 23, 2008 reply

    Now you just need to combine this with holophonic sound.

  • Avatar

    GeniusGrid - October 3, 2008 reply

    Good work Quentin. I do recall being at a meeting in 2001 at Ipix corp. and they were demonstrating this 360 Video and I was blown away to see the Heli flying over a jungle and being able to scroll around in any direction. Although this wasn’t presented in flash. I don’t think they ever fully marketed the technology though. And remember at that time (2000 – 2001) Flash was still very young and it was Macromedia before Adobe absorbed it. Also I think it would have been difficult to this in AS1. I was trying to develop pano 360 viewer in flash back then and it was a B*tch! haha Finally succeeded with AS2 though! But anyways this is great technology that you are working on here… keep up the good work. peace .V,

  • Avatar

    Dutch design - October 4, 2008 reply


    Nice work.. now we need a realtime “bullit time” effect with zoom… ha ha.
    I love what you made……. keep up the good work!


  • Avatar

    Freams - November 25, 2008 reply

    it’s great. Can you post a link with fla source?
    It’s really great.


  • Avatar

    Tyler - December 9, 2008 reply

    Hi Quentin,

    I have a few questions regarding your amazing videos. Can you send me your email address?

    Thank you,

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  • Avatar

    sorbo - January 6, 2009 reply

    Your work is great, Can you post a link with fla source?


  • Avatar

    Quentin Lengelé - January 6, 2009 reply

    There is no FLA source.
    It was made with Flex Builder.

  • Avatar

    Marcos - January 15, 2009 reply

    Hi, very interisting article.
    I didn’t see your source, but I tried to do it in flash, not in flex.

    I created a sphere directly in papervision and I texturized it width “VideoStreamMaterial”.

    It works but the quality of video is very low and I don’t understand why…

    Tha same if I use a 360 photo inside of video.

    Any ideas?

  • Oooh, I want one! | hilpers - January 18, 2009 reply

    […] wee bit on the big & heavy side and probably rather expensive, but the output is fascinating! http://www.cornflex.org/?p=1 […]

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    Audio Michael - January 21, 2009 reply

    You did a great job! You have me convinced. I would like to shoot a music video in 360. Can you point me in the right direction to get a 360 lens with a 35mm adapter? I am just now learning papervision3D. Thank you. (I’m in the US)


    Quentin Lengelé - January 22, 2009 reply

    Hi Audio Michael,

    I’m not a expert in 360 lens. I know there are lots of 360° lens types. You can easily find them on Google.
    The only thing I can tell you is the Immersive Media camera is much more accurate then other lens because it’s made with multiple lens and then multiple movie captures.

    Think about the fact if you choose a certain type of lens, you’ll have to find the correct unwarp algorithm in AS3.
    Here, for the Immersive Media cam, it was a sphere to rebuild with Papervision (easy to do)… but it may be more complicated with another type of lens.

  • Papervision: Mundo virtual en 360º « Mundotutorial’s Blog - February 23, 2009 reply

    […] Ver Street view 360º con Papervision 3D. […]

  • Avatar

    Tolga - March 23, 2009 reply

    Hi Quentin,

    I need to ask you a question about the camera up there that is shooting 360 degree video. The weird one has alot of lenses around. Is it something to buy easly, Or something very costly. Could you please give me more info about the camera and software to able to do movement. Thanks alot.


    Quentin Lengelé - March 24, 2009 reply

    Take a look at the comments here :


  • Avatar

    Tolga - March 24, 2009 reply

    Thanks for you quick reply. but link you post me is, the brand of the camera is point grey research inc but the camera you put here is diffrent. Because I’h already know the ptgrey and searching more cheaper and shoothing ~360/180. btgrey is shooting that way but the lens up there is shoots 150 degree which is cheaper. But not, what I want.

  • Avatar

    Lance - March 27, 2009 reply

    the cam you are referring is at least 5 times more expensive then Point Grey’s depending on what else you get with it. I’ve used both it on many occasions for spherical 360-degree productions.

  • Avatar

    Jim Bon - April 9, 2009 reply

    I prefer still imagery with higher quality

    New York Virtual tour – http://www.pixelcase.com.au/vr/2009/newyork

  • Avatar

    Leo - July 8, 2009 reply

    hey incredible job man, i was wondering how did you find the camera, what brand distributes it and how expensive is that technology..

    greetings man..

  • Avatar
  • Avatar

    Alan - September 16, 2009 reply

    Hi Quentin,

    This is a brillian method of achieving this.

    Where do you think would be the best source of learning exactly what your code is doing?


  • Avatar

    Alex - November 9, 2009 reply

    Anyone know where I would be able to rent one of these cameras? Very interested in playing around with.

  • Avatar

    Ian - November 16, 2009 reply

    This is so awesome. Everything should be filmed like this it would be great. Just a quick question whats that file size on these. They have to be pretty big for some of the higher res longer videos

  • Avatar

    Luigi Assom - December 17, 2009 reply

    Dear Quentin,

    I have been impressed by this results.
    My name is Luigi Assom, background both in communication and art, and sustainable development.

    I’ve been requested to make a video in Nigeria and /or Kenya applied to the development sector.
    The committent is an international agency for development.
    I’d like to know if it will be possible to use your camera and software and/or support, in terms of a collaboration.

    I look forward to hear from you soon!
    Please email me back

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  • Avatar

    Matthew Newell - March 23, 2010 reply

    Hi Quentin

    I would be really interested in having a chat with you at some point to get some advise from you regarding papervison 3D.

    We have an exciting new product that we are looking to develop further using 3D and I would love to find out what you feel is the best path for us to follow in terms of development.

    I would be very keen to discuss working with you or if you could recommend someone to us.

    Many thanks

  • Avatar

    Graham Barry - June 12, 2010 reply

    Hi, I am currently creating a panorama video from 3d rendered material. I want to know what is the maximum resolution you can have for your video. AT the moment I have it rendered at 9000 x 4500 but I fear that this will be too big.


    Quentin Lengelé - June 14, 2010 reply

    indeed, 9000×4500 will be too big to be handled in Papervision panorama correctly.

  • Avatar

    Ali AHAMED - June 17, 2010 reply

    Hi, i’m a french graphic designer what you did is amazing, actually I work on a 3D panorama 360° video. I try to use your flex code but I suck in flex cause it’s new for me, I have an other PV3D code for do the same thinks with an image but i have some difficult to adapt my code with a video could you help me.

    PS : your name look very french, are you?

  • Avatar

    Ali AHAMED - June 17, 2010 reply

    Désolé, je viens de voir que tu est belge mais ton nom ne sonne pas très Flamand donc je pense que t’est Wallon, moi je viens de Dunkerque à la frontière Nord avec la France. En tout cas ton code et très intéressant il m’aide beaucoup mais je suis vraiment naze en Flex donc si tu pouvais me filé un petit coup de main ce serai pas mal. Merci

  • Avatar

    Herman - July 13, 2010 reply

    Hello Quentin,

    Nice work! I had a look at your source code, and I was wondering: I would like to make a simple application like the one above, but only with 360°/180° panorama Jpg’s, not with video’s. And off course a drop down list where I can select my different panorama’s. Is this possible in flex, you think?

    I normally import my spherical jpg’s in a program like Pano2VR, which delivers a swf file. But if i import the swf with swfLoader-component, it always gives strange errors in flex. That’s why I would like to just have a simple interface like you made for video’s, but then just for my 360° jpg’s…

    Could you help me out?

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  • Avatar

    Graham Barry - July 22, 2010 reply

    Hi Quentin

    If indeed 9000 x 4500 is too big to be handled correctly.

    What is the largest video resolution that papervision could handle for a videorama such as this.


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  • Avatar

    avşa - September 2, 2010 reply

    very nice video. oow my god! i like a 360

  • Avatar

    Ravichandran - September 13, 2010 reply


    I am getting the following error..

    Error: Ase: ioErrorHandler Error.
    at org.papervision3d.objects::Ase/ioErrorHandler()[F:workspacepanoramaVideo3dsrcorgpapervision3dobjectsAse.as:297]
    at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
    at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
    at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete()

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  • Avatar

    Vithyapthy - September 29, 2010 reply

    Wow amazing one!!! 360 degree camera will help in future security..

  • Avatar

    Dario - October 8, 2010 reply

    Hi Tarantino!
    Do you have any idea how i can make a 360 video from a scene directly in 3dmax? i have tried a lots scripts but none can render a range of frames..
    greets from argentina!


    Quentin Lengelé - October 18, 2010 reply

    I think you can specify the type of the camera you want to use in 3DS to render your scene.
    A colleague of mine use this technique.
    I think you should search about “spheric camera rendering”.

  • Avatar

    Beerks - October 18, 2010 reply

    Hi Quentin,
    Which Papervision libraries in flex should download to test your code? I tried it with many but all give me error …
    Thank you very much,


    Quentin Lengelé - October 18, 2010 reply

    You need Papervision3D :

  • Avatar

    alidrongo - October 29, 2010 reply

    Hiya, thanks for your post, this looks excellent.

    Would it be possible to hook up a live video stream to this?



    Quentin Lengelé - November 23, 2010 reply

    Of course, you can.

  • Avatar

    Ac odex - November 24, 2010 reply

    Where can I buy this stuff, or is it for commersial purpose only ?!?!?


    Quentin Lengelé - November 25, 2010 reply

    What do you want to buy?

  • Avatar

    Rafael Marin - December 1, 2010 reply

    Hi Quentin,

    I’d like to congratulate you by the awesome work. I’m beginning with Flex and when I try to compile with the SDK environment appears the following error:
    “Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: ASE.

    private var sphere: ASE; ”

    Then I think that the compiler isn’t recognizing the ASE format. Could you help me, please?


  • Avatar

    gismex - December 7, 2010 reply

    I download your source code with papervision3d, but when running on Flash Builder I have a “lib” missing folder error.

  • Avatar

    Mike - January 26, 2011 reply


    I use a 360 camera and was wondering how you convert the .flv file to a stitched togethor video? What software do you use? Can you export these as a video that has a stop or pause button so as to drive down the road, and stop mid-block and take a pan around, and then press play and continue on down the road (recording)?



    Quentin Lengelé - February 24, 2011 reply

    Well, this feature is quiet difficult to handle.
    In fact, you want a Google Street View with video in place of images…
    Technically, you cannot choose a direction on a 360 video panorama.
    It is possible to do some fake stuff to give the impression… but it will never be full interactive.

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  • Avatar

    Marcy - February 24, 2011 reply

    Hi Quentin!

    I noticed the post is originally from 2008… is your source code up to date, though? in terms of how flash/flex/papervision function now?

    that’s so extremely nice of you to share the files!!!


    Quentin Lengelé - February 24, 2011 reply

    Indeed, my sources are quiet old.
    The PV3D version used in it was very buggy at this time 🙂
    I made another engine to do 360 video panoramas but I need to find time to write a good article.
    This engine is a part of my new AS3 framework in development.
    Available soon.

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  • Avatar

    pandora charms - March 9, 2011 reply

    Hiya, thanks for your post, this looks excellent.

    Would it be possible to hook up a live video stream to this?


  • Avatar

    wholesale bags china - March 9, 2011 reply

    I think you can specify the type of the camera you want to use in 3DS to render your scene.
    A colleague of mine use this technique.

  • Avatar

    Gabriel - March 18, 2011 reply

    It´s awesome!!! This is the future. Good job.

  • Avatar

    silvio castillero - March 25, 2011 reply

    how much this camera ? or rent the camera and software ? I am interested with this product. please respond.


  • Avatar

    Axxel - April 1, 2011 reply

    Don’t work with Flash Builder 4 and the package Papervision3D_2.1.932.swc

    I have these errors :

    Description Resource Path Location Type
    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Ase. SphericVR.mxml /Video3D/src line 22 Flex Problem
    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: FreeCamera3D. SphericVR.mxml /Video3D/src line 21 Flex Problem
    1061: Call to a possibly undefined method renderCamera through a reference with static type org.papervision3d.scenes:Scene3D. SphericVR.mxml /Video3D/src line 100 Flex Problem
    1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0. SphericVR.mxml /Video3D/src line 70 Flex Problem
    1180: Call to a possibly undefined method Ase. SphericVR.mxml /Video3D/src line 82 Flex Problem
    1180: Call to a possibly undefined method FreeCamera3D. SphericVR.mxml /Video3D/src line 72 Flex Problem

  • Avatar

    silvio castillero - April 10, 2011 reply

    how much this camera ? or rent the camera and software ? I am interested with this product. please respond.


    Quentin Lengelé - April 12, 2011 reply

    You must see with Immersive Media:

  • Rondkijken in een film | BlikvanGer - September 15, 2011 reply

    […] wordt langs allerlei kanten gewerkt aan virtuele 3D-omgevingen. Zo ook op het gebied van video. Kijk maar ‘ns hier. Vreemd om in een bewegende film met je cursor letterlijk rond te kunnen […]

  • List of really cool Technologies | My Social Snips - September 20, 2011 reply

    […] – Introducing: Layar Vision Augmented Reality with FLARToolKit 3D Cameras EtcInteractive 3d cameras http://www.cornflex.org/?p=1http://blog.papervision3d.org/2008/02/17/video-360/BubblePix App Demo Xbox Connect *{margin:0; […]

  • 360° Video with Papervision3D | Digital Experience - October 21, 2011 reply

    […] view the 3d videos […]

  • Avatar

    Moe - January 16, 2012 reply

    Hi Quentin,
    I was wondering if you had an update to the FX3 360 video Papervision3D sample you did..maybe on FX4 and ideally for 4.6? Thanks.


    Quentin Lengelé - January 18, 2012 reply

    Hi, yep, the version on my blog is quiet old now.

    I made a better one (Panorama3D) but it’s part of my new AS3 framework.
    And the framework is not completed yet.

    But, if you want a quick solution, you can do this:

    1. With Away3D 4.x, build a sphere and flip faces.
    2. Read a video stream and draw the Video component in a bitmapData with a inversed matrix.
    3. Apply this bitmapData to the material of the sphere.
    4. Put some mouse control on the rotation of the Sphere.


  • El Astrolabio » Vídeo en 360º - January 18, 2012 reply

    […] de navegación http://www.immersivemedia.com http://www.cornflex.org/?p=1 Tags: 360º, Google Maps, vídeo Google Maps Navigation […]

  • Avatar

    Cigarettes Cheap - June 15, 2012 reply

    Enjoyed every bit of your article. Great.

  • Vidéo // Les vidéos 360° | /! Erreurs404.net - February 7, 2013 reply

    […] développeurs proposent des solutions open source pour réaliser ce genre de vidéos, comme le site http://www.cornflex.org/?p=1 qui offre une solution en Flash et […]

  • Avatar

    john gray - February 11, 2015 reply

    Were can I buy this? need to survey man hole cover and produce a 3d model!

  • Avatar

    christian kim - November 14, 2016 reply

    Hi Q, our company is looking for a simple yet very optimized 360 flash video player, which we could plug into our interactive player.

    we were wondering if your new player was available commercially?

    we need the player to play HIGH-resolution video (as much as the player will allow it) and fit into a 1080p display (the interface is also built at 1080p), and be able to to be called into our interface directly (SWF file) with some simple controls (play pause).

    would be awesome to hear back from you ; )


    Q - November 16, 2016 reply

    Hi Christian,

    My 360° Video Player is not for sale, you can download sources on the bottom of the article.
    But are you sure you want a Flash solution for your business?
    Flash is quite dead today (unfortunately) and there are nice JS solutions to do what you want:



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