I designed this multi-touch application to offer an innovative way to browse and share common files during a meeting, like any Office documents, videos and images. This software is also very easy to use for any speaker but also attractive for meeting members.

This software is running on a 55” touch screen integrated into a custom made multi-touch table, with a 4k screen as cloned display. The speaker can handle his multi-touch desktop while being watched by the other people on the high-definition screen at the back of the room.


The table is able to detect physical objects, proposes several options and displays custom UI interactions. Objects can also be tracked and used as controllers and they can be calibrated through a CMS quite easily. The touch features and algorithms are part of a dedicated C++ plugin. No need of extra SDK or multi-touch libraries is used here.

The software still gives access to all the features of Windows 8.1 for multi-touch purpose. The user can swap from the custom interface to the Windows interface at any moment.

The “Slide Browser” feature offers a very smooth way to annotate presentations with a pen or even with a finger. It can handle colors, thickness, undo/redo. The user can save slides and share them online or locally.

Multi-touch widgets can be activated, such as news feeds, traffic info, world-wide time and weather data, twitter feeds, Facebook feeds…


To manage the table content, the user can access a online content management system.

This CMS offers a simple way to upload and organize files that will appear on the table. In 5 minutes, the user can prepare a meeting in advance by uploading all the required data. All these settings and files are stored in a secured database and can be reused at any time.

© Quentin Lengele 2016

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